welcome at Küssnermalt ( means Küssner is painting)

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OK, this page may be a little bit curious because one of  its main subjects is a rabbit, the eastern- bunny, the golden one, made of chocolade which is very popular in Germany.

As I don’t like chocolade, one of this eastern- bunnies still was standing in my office, when a quiet boring call arrived me. While hanging on the phone,..,.., I started doing scetches of these bunny. And then there was the idea: why not painting these bunny- I had different situations in my mind, some ideas. So it happened that this bunny became my good old friend, my medium, to walk around through history, history of arts, of cinema. And not at least: this bunny is quiet cheaper to hire than the other  bunnies- and it does not always change its position while I am painting it :-)

So, meanwhile you can find my good old bunny visiting  Roy Lichtenstein, Alfred Hitchcock, Dali, beeing blamed by BP or giving his statement to christmas- business,…, just follow him.

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If you don’t like bunnies, maybe there is an other interesting idea for you:

human Beerbottles.

Some day, while painting one of my bunnies, I had a break with a bottle of beer ( sorry, you know: artists !!!) and this bottle was a special bottle with a special design and shape, just as  like a man who is not overweight, but just 10 cm to small for his weight. So, I descided to make these beerbottles become alive, become human beeings,… just see how they behave.  Yes: we would never behave like this ! You can find this ideas on page “Astra”

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If you don’t like any of these ideas, I can offer  pictures, I called boring pictures because in this pictures nearly nothing happens, just unexpected colours, situations, pictures giving room for your own imagination. You will find this paintings on page “Themen”

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Also, there are paintings, I did because I wanted to show 2 ideas at once in all of these paintings: the question of end or  beginning, of explosion or implosion, is it the beginnig, the going on, or just the end of all ? It was a good opportunity to show  just red,…. , see more on page AnfandEnde ( means BeginningEnd) if you like

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As I am a designer, you can also find samples of my work, I did as a designer

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and you can find products here, I designed and produce by myself, products you can find only here, nowhere else. Not in Berlin, not in LA,just here on my hp .Thumbs Led-viking-blau in Home

Step by step, I am going on to translate in English, unfortunatly my English is not too good- sorry.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate asking me by mail, you are always welcome.


Uwe Küssner